Midland Sports Hall Of Fame

The Midland Sports Hall of Fame is a place for the community to honor individuals that have made significant contributions to sports in Midland, Texas. The hall of fame was founded in 2003 and inducts six new members each year.

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The Midland Sports Hall of Fame is the perfect place to honor the areaufffds greatest athletes. We have a rich history of sports and we want to keep it that way!

Induction process

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Each year, a new class of inductees is welcomed into the Hall of Fame. These are the men and women who have made an extraordinary contribution to the sport of basketball.

This year’s class includes some of the most iconic players in the history of the game. Among them are Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, and Kevin Garnett. These three legends helped define an era of basketball and their contributions to the game will be remembered for generations to come.

Also being inducted this year is Tamika Catchings, one of the greatest players in women’s basketball history. She is a four-time Olympic gold medalist and has won numerous awards throughout her career.

The 2020 Hall of Fame class is truly one for the ages and we are honored to welcome them into our ranks.


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Volunteer opportunities

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