What Are Popular Sports in Germany?

In Germany, a wide variety of sports are played. Some of the most popular include soccer, tennis, golf, and skiing.

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While there are a variety of sports popular in Germany, one of the most prevalent is soccer. Soccer is not only a popular sport to watch, but also to play. According to the German Football Association, there are over 6.3 million registered players in the country. This number does not include those who play informally. Soccer is so popular in Germany that it is often considered a national pastime.


Tennis is a hugely popular sport in Germany and the country has produced some of the biggest stars in the game, such as Boris Becker and Steffi Graf. The German Tennis Association (DTB) was founded way back in 1900 and is one of the oldest tennis organisations in the world. There are around 1.5 million members of tennis clubs in Germany and nearly 5,000 courts across the country.

While Becker and Graf may be retired now, Germany still has a very strong tennis team, with Alexander Zverev currently ranked at number 5 in the world. Zverev is leading a new generation of German tennis players who are starting to make their mark on the game.


Basketball is a popular sport in Germany. The country’s top league is the Bundesliga, which was founded in 1966. There are also many lower-level leagues and competitions. The German national team has won several medals at the FIBA World Cup, most recently a silver medal in 2002. Bundesliga games are broadcast on television and attract large audiences. Many of the league’s players are foreign imports, such as America’s Reggie Redding and Canada’s Joel Anthony.


Golf is a popular sport in Germany, with over 700 golf courses located throughout the country. German golfers have won numerous major championships, including the Masters and the U.S. Open. In addition to golf, other popular sports in Germany include soccer, basketball, and tennis.

Auto Racing

Auto racing is a popular sport in Germany, with many Germans participating in and watching races. The German Grand Prix is a major annual event, and auto racing is also popular in other parts of the country.


Boxing is a very popular sport in Germany with a long and storied history. German boxers have won numerous world championships and Olympic medals, and the sport has a strong following in the country. There are many different boxing organizations and clubs across Germany, providing opportunities for both amateur and professional boxers to compete.


Cycling is a very popular sport in Germany, with both professional and amateur riders enjoying the country’s many scenic routes. The annual Tour de France race passes through Germany, and the German National Cycling team has enjoyed considerable success in recent years. Other popular sports in Germany include soccer, basketball, tennis, and golf.

Field Hockey

Field hockey is a popular sport in Germany. It is played at the club, school, and international levels. The German Field Hockey Association (GFH) is the governing body for field hockey in Germany. The GFH organizes the national league, the German Cup, and the Bundesliga (the top field hockey league in Germany). The German men’s national team has won the EuroHockey Nations Championship eight times and the FIH World Cup once. The women’s national team has won the EuroHockey Nations Championship three times.

Figure Skating

Germany is a country with a rich sporting tradition, and there are a number of popular sports played there. One of the most popular sports is figure skating, and Germany has produced some world-class figure skaters over the years. Other popular sports in Germany include soccer, tennis, and basketball.


Skiing is one of the most popular sports in Germany, especially in the winter months. There are many ski resorts scattered throughout the country, offering both alpine and cross-country skiing. Snowboarding is also a popular activity, especially among younger Germans. Other popular winter sports include ice skating, sledding, and curling.

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